Ted Rodriquez (Principal)
Contact Mr. Rodriguez

Catherine Arnquist Burke (Assistant-Principal)
Contact Catherine Arnquist Burke

Office Support

Denisse Vergara (Office Manager)
Contact Denisse Vergara
Alva Valenzuela (Attendance Tech)
Contact Alva Valenzuela
Leonila Paredes (Community Liaison)
Contact Nellie Paredes
Health Office
Ms. Ahmadi (Nurse)
Contact Erum Ahmadi
Ms. Machado (Health Assistant)
Contact Ms. Machado

Vanessa Cordova (Dual Language GATE)
Contact Ms. Cordova
Isis Escobar (Dual Language)
Contact Ms. Escobar
Grade 1
Ms. Alejandra Barrera Pulgarin (Dual Language GATE)
Contact Ms. Barrera Pulgarin
Maricruz Southern (1st Dual Language)
Contact Ms. Southern
Veronica Barajas (SEI Mix)
Contact Ms. Barajas
Grade 2

Sarah Maress (Dual Language GATE)
Contact Ms. Maress
Ms. Bustillos (Dual)
Contact Ms. Bustillos
Grade 3
Sandra Toledo Gonzalez (SEI /Mix)
Contact Ms. Toledo
TBA (GATE Dual Language)

Manuel Urquijo (Dual Language)
Contact Mr. Urquijo
Grade 4
Dulce Balaban (Dual Language GATE)
Contact. Ms. Balaban
Senia Figueroa (Dual Language)
Contact Ms. Figueroa
Ashley Adams (SEI)
Contact Ms. Ashley
Grade 5
Laura Reyes (SEI)
Contact Ms. Reyes
Maria Reyna (Dual)
Contact Ms. Reyna
Elizabeth Bouwens (Dual Language GATE)
Contact Ms. Bouwens
Grade 6
Ms. Denson (Math)
Contact Ms. Denson
Ms. Meraz (Science Dual/GATE)
Contact Ms. Meraz
Gabriela Moreno (Humanities/GATE)
Contact Ms. Moreno
Grade 7/8
Ms. Salcido (8th Humanities)
Contact Ms. Salcido
Mr. Campbell (8th Math)
Contact Mr. Campbell
Ms. Busby (Reading Intervention and Maker Space)
Contact Ms. Busby
Mr. Sanchez (Mariachi)
Contact Mr. Sanchez
Samantha Rose (Algebra/Math intervention)
Contact Ms. Rose
TBA (Science GATE)

Esperanza Reyes (Math GATE)
Contact Ms. Reyes
Maya Salas (Humanities/GATE)
Contact Maya Salas
Support Staff
Marisol Metzler (Dean of Students)
Contact Ms. Metzler
Lindsey Brown (MTSS Coordinator)
Contact Lindsey Brown
Laura Flores
(Adaptive PE)
Contact Ms. Flores
Shelly Fizer (Occupational Therapist)
Mondays Only
Contact Ms. Fizer
Patty Matthews (Psychologist)
Contact Ms. Matthews
TBA (Counselor)

Alejandra Barrera (Reading Recovery Teacher)
Contact Ms. Barrera
Susan Williams (Speech Pathologist)
Contact Ms. WIlliams
Daniel Johnson (In-School Interventionist)
Contact Mr. Johnson
Efrain Carrillo (Social Worker) 
Wednesdays Only
Contact Mr, Carrillo
Josiah Lopez (Behavior Intervention Monitor)
Contact Mr. Lopez

Jessica Morales (Restorative Practices Facilitator)
Contact Jessica Morales
Mayra Ruiz
(Restorative Practices Facilitator)
Contact Mayra Ruiz

Teacher Assistants
Ms. Dagnino
Contact Ms. Dagnino
Alejandra Fonseca (bilingual TA)
Contact Ms. Fonseca
Ms. Marrone
Contact Ms. Marrone
Ms. Peña
Contact Ms. Quijada-Pena
Ms. Vergara (Library Assistant)
Contact Ms. Vergara Delgado
Alva Rojas (Biling TA)
Contact Ms. Rojas
Ms. Wascher
Contact Ms. Wascher
Norma I Esquivias (Ex Ed TA)
Contact Ms. Esquivias
Gloria Estrella
Contact Ms. Estrella
Norma Esquivias
Contact Ms. Esquivias
Tony Herrera
Contact Mr. Herrera
Leticia Wong (Crossing Guard)
Contact Ms. Wong
Michael Villa (Crossing Guard)
Contact Mr. Villa
Luis Estrella (PM )
Contact Mr. Estrella
Elvira Sanchez (Cafeteria Manager)
Contact Ms. Sanchez
Yolanda Rocha
Contact Ms. Rocha
Exceptional Education Teacher
Ms. Estrella (Self Contained)
Contact Ms. Estrella
Ms. Lopez-Medrano
Contact Ms. Lopez
Paz Stout (Ex Ed)
Contact Ms. Stout
Doris Hernandez (Ex Ed)
Contact Ms. Hernandez
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